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Steve and Kaylene from EcoBeech CanadaSteve & Kaylene

Hi there friends and welcome to our very first blog posting for EcoBeech. We thought it would be cool and interesting to share our story and see what really makes us tick!

Firstly to introduce ourselves... I am Kaylene the goofy one in the beanie in our profile pic and my partner in crime is Steve who is not just my business partner but my really cool and amazing boyfriend. Anyway enough of the gushing, Steve is one of those talented handy people...oho there I go gushing again...who is always busy making things and turning awful neglected things into things of real beauty.

We have been busy this year renovating a very sad house into a home that sparkles. During the refinishing of the hardwood floor, we thought wouldn't it be neat if we could reuse the end pieces into wearable art. Literally the next day, Steve had made our first and super sweet wooden rings. With some tweaking and experimenting, we came up with a design that is simple, elegant and unique. From that first ring, came designs for necklaces , bracelets and earrings. Stay tuned for other really beautiful additions.

We are big fans of recycling and re purposing, and think it is important to do our part in keeping stuff out of the landfill. I am always lugging stuff home during a run that people have left outside as garbage. On one run my good friend Barb and I actually ran home 4k with a retro stool we found on the street. We also wanted to create designs that were wearable for active people and that our friends would love to wear. Everyday people stop me on the street and ask about my wooden ring.

So thanks so much for your support and encouragement. Looking forward to sharing interesting stories from EcoBeech.

Kaylene and Steve
November 19, 2015